Monday, May 21, 2018

Year One is going bug crazy!

We have had a very bug-tastic this term  in Year One! We have been learning about mini beasts in Science and over the past few weeks we have been on an Insect Safari! We worked in teams of 3 and in each team we had a Communications Officer (the person who communicates with the teacher), a Safari Sargent (the person who directs the team) and a Bug patrol and digger (the person who gets their hands dirty and looks in the bushes and dirt for bugs!). We had to carefully look for insects around our school and look at the environments in which they live. Each team had an iPad which they used to take pictures of the insects this then allowed us to come back to class and share our findings. Here are some pictures of our Safari!

We were also very lucky to have a close up look at some slimy friends in our worm farm. We first talked about what we knew about worms and drew a picture of what we thought a worm looked like. We then go to be super Scientists and have a close up look of the worms using magnifying glasses and gloves. We found out that that have an interesting part of their body called the saddle (or the clitellum) and that they have tiny hairs on their body to help them move through the soil. We loved learning about worms!

If you have any snails in your garden, please bring them in for our Science lesson this Friday! We would love to have a close look at them :)

Keep an eye out for all those bugs!

Miss Prowse

Monday, May 14, 2018

Sound Review, Sight Words and Think Mental Maths

Good evening parents,

Below are the sounds that your children have been learning for the past 8 weeks in their spelling rotations. On Monday we will be having our term spelling review to test their knowledge of sounds. Below is a table with all the sounds that you children have been learning. They will be able to tell you what group they are in, but please email me if you need clarification.

A way you can help them is to call out a word with that particular sound for them to write down on a scrap piece of paper eg. if you child is in the blue group you can use the 'tr' sound, ask your child to write down the word trip and so on.

If you need any more information, please email me to let me know.

Sight words

I must say, I am throughly impressed with your gorgeous children and their eagerness to learn! I have been hearing some great feedback about the children learning all of their sight words and moving onto the next set.

The next stage of the sight word rings is not only for your children to be able to read them, but to be able to write and spell them and further into the semester, apply them into their writing. I have no doubt your children will be eager to do this as I love hearing them come up to me and tell me they know all their sight words!

Think Mental Math books

Thank you to all of those who handed in their Think Mental Math books on Friday. It was so great to hear that the children found great joy in completing their math homework! Unit 2 will be due 25th of May, but if your child completes the unit early, please bring it in when they have finished. We love the instant feedback that you are giving your children by marking their work as they complete it too!

Thank you for your ongoing support! 

Mrs Sherborne 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Week 2 Information

Dear Parents

A big thank you for a fantastic first couple of weeks back at school. It was so lovely to get back into routine and see what your little one had all been up to over the holidays. Some information about this week...

Think Mentals
Thank you to everyone for the wonderful response to our Think Mental Maths books this term! We had some children so eager that they completed the whole of unit 1 over the weekend.
As we are only completing one unit per fortnight please do not let them go onto the next unit until I give the books back. This will allow me to monitor how their Maths understanding is developing and see if there is anything in class that needs to be reviewed.
Unit 1: Due this Friday 11th May (week 2), books can be placed in orange 'Think Mentals' box.
Unit 2: Due Friday week 4
Unit 3: Due Friday week 6
Unit 4: Due Friday week 8
Unit 5: Due Friday week 9 (challenge to complete the unit in just one week)

Sight Words
We are back into sight word testing and encouraging children to continue to revise their current word lists at home as part of our home work program. Later in the term, the children will be tested on their retention of previous word lists and these lists may be sent home a second time for revision, should your child require some consolidation.

Mother's Day Breakfast
All Mothers and Grandmother's have been invited to the school hall for breakfast tomorrow morning at 7:30am. We would love to see as many Mum's and Grandma's there as possible to join in this special morning to celebrate all the wonderful things our Mum's do! 

Parent Roster
Parent roster starts next week and we would love to see as many Mum's and Dad's in on roster as we can! We love parent helpers and love showing you what we are learning about. The parent roster can be found outside the classroom under the perspex notice board.

Keep an eye on the blog and newsletter for pictures and information about some of learning this term!
Have a lovely night.

Mrs Sherborne

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week 1, Term 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope you have had a very restful and relaxing holiday and enjoyed some of this stunning Autumn weather! After an 11 week term, I'm sure the children will be ready to get back into it!

This term we have a focus on Mini beasts in Science, Aboriginal Culture  and places of significance in our local environment in our HASS and Art  units. We will also be looking at ANZAC day and how the importance of this day is recognised in our history.

We sent home a news roster last term but please see the picture below if it has gone missing!

Think Mentals Maths Book
The children are very excited to be starting their Think Mentals Math book this week which was purchased at the beginning of the year.

Mental maths such as addition and subtraction, counting on, sequencing of numbers and number recognition are some of the concepts that we have covered in class. These will be reinforced in our Think Mentals book that will help your child gain confidence and apply mathematical concepts in a fun and supportive way.

In supporting our Math program in class, we would like for your child to complete one unit over a fortnightly period (5 columns of Maths question). When completing questions with your child, we would ask that you support them by reading questions if necessary and marking the questions to give your child instant feedback on how they went and writing their score at the bottom of the page.

An example of one unit

We encourage you to use a combination of visual and manipulative tools such as number lines, hundreds charts or counters to help your child complete these tasks.

Please do not spend more than 10 minutes at a time completing these activities and make it a part of your child's reading and sight word routine.

At the end of the fortnight, the books will be collected by myself and checked to make sure your child understands the concepts covered. We ask that your child does not complete more than one unit a fortnight as to ensure we can review these concepts in class if necessary.Unit One will be due at the end of week 2 (Friday 11th May) as we have completed Day One of Unit One in class. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.

This is the wonderful friendship and social emotional program that we will be starting this term to support the children in helping them make better friends and strengthen and foster healthy relationships. Within the program the children may be starting to use the language of UR Strong: Friendology including: 'Friendship fire', 'Talk it out', 'Quick comebacks' and the 'Friend-o-cycle'. We will be providing some information to parents on the blog as we complete the lessons of the program.

On the final day of Term 1, we worked on an inquiry task where we explored and created our own mandala designs. Did you know that the symbol of the mandala represents the universe?

We created mandalas using doilies, colouring materials and loose objects that we placed on mats and trays. Many thanks to all of you for organising the children with engaging materials for them to manipulate - we had some interesting items including shells, fresh flowers, bottle tops, twigs, leaves, coloured stones, beads and gumnuts. The children had lots of fun playing with their designs and there was a great sense of calm in the classroom while they shared materials and thought carefully about their arrangements.

Here are some examples of what we created:

Parent Roster
The Year 1S parent roster is outside our classroom on the parent information board. Please feel free to write your name down to help during one of our morning sessions throughout the term. We were lucky enough to have fantastic parent support last term, your assistance in the classroom is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your ongoing support. One last reminder that my email is still listed under my maiden name amy, - I will let you know when this changes!

Mrs Amy Sherborne

Monday, April 9, 2018

Mandala Materials

Mandala Art
This term, the Year Ones have been exploring pattern and line in Visual Arts. We would like to finish off the term with some exploration into Mandala patterns and have a go at creating Mandalas of our own this Friday 13th April. We will be seeking donations of objects that the children can share and use to create our Mandalas.

What can I bring in?
- fairy stones
- beads
- bottle tops
- gum nuts
- flowers
- rocks/stones
- twigs/bits of driftwood
- a variety of leaves
- shells
- seeds
- anything else you can think of!

Please bring your child's items in a zip lock bag or similar with their name on it.

We are also looking for some round mats or pieces of material (a variety of sizes would work), that we can lay out our mandalas on, before we photograph them. If you have any place mats at home or would be willing to cut out some material for us your help would be greatly appreciated.

See an example of some nature inspired mandala art below:

{Mandala Art} A perfect way to practice patterns and math!

Many thanks
Mrs Sherborne

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Parent Meetings and Year 1S Assembly

Parent/Teacher Meetings
As of Tuesday afternoon our Parent Interview Timetable looks like this:

There are still a few time slots available and if you haven't already selected a time, please do so by email or outside the classroom. Please take this timetable as confirmation of your meeting time. Meetings begin from tomorrow afternoon.

Email Address
Just a reminder that my email address is still under my maiden name -

Year One Performances
After the children's beautiful Holy Week performance today, we can start to focus more on our upcoming Year 1S Prayer Assembly (next Friday 6th April). Many thanks to all of your efforts with helping the children practise their reading parts at home, as well as preparing costumes for today's Holy Week performance of The Last Supper.

With the long weekend coming up, we will have limited time to work on reading parts and singing at for our Prayer Assembly, so any help from home will be greatly appreciated. I have introduced the children to a song that we will sing and a link to the song is below if you have some time to play it on repeat for your kids (perhaps over the long weekend)!
Prayer Assembly Song
I have sent home short reading parts in the children's homework folders today. Every child has a small part to read. There will be no costumes for this Prayer Assembly.

Have a lovely week!
Mrs Amy Sherborne

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Holy Week Reminder!

Dear Year One and Two Parents,

As part of our school’s preparations for Holy Week, the whole school will be gathering at 9am each morning in the hall next week to participate in a short re-enactment of the events of Holy Week.

Year 1S and Year 2K will be performing on Tuesday 27th March at 9am. Parents are most welcome to come along and watch. There are a few different parts that have been allocated across the classes.

Costume ideas for parts as follows:
·         Jesus/Disciples/Children washing feet – an old sheet/pillow slip with a piece cut out for the head and arms. An oversized t-shirt would also the trick. Tie a rope/sash around the waist.
·         Readers – To stay in school uniform. If your child receives a reading part to practise at home they do not require a costume.

Please feel free to use your own creative licence to modify costumes as you wish. Costumes should be simple and only take 5-10 minutes to put together. We are also happy with something as simple as a head piece, or anything that the children can throw over their uniform to emphasise the era. School uniforms can with be worn under the costume, or be packed into the children’s school bags to change into, following the performance.

Please have the children ready in their costume on the Tuesday morning during gathering time. We will go straight across to the hall to get ready on stage when the bell rings at 8:45am.

Thank you for your support in preparing this special liturgy. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Kind regards
Mrs Amy Sherborne, Mrs Penny King and Mrs Kristy Hunt